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  "Before I was the target of workplace bullying life was good – my career was going places and sport was an important part of my week. After the new manager arrived life became sheer survival. Everything about my work, actually everything about me, was wrong. Getting sick made me go to Beyond Stress. Those sessions got my confidence back – for work, but also for my self. I rediscovered what it was like to actually want to do things again!"  
  Workplace Bullying: What Happens?  
  Workplace bullying switches your brain to survival mode. You loose your ability to relax and enjoy life because your brain is so busy monitoring all the sights and sounds around you for signs that everything is OK, for signs that you are safe.

This experience of being constantly ‘on alert’ drains your energy. As a result your performance levels drop, you become vulnerable to illness, you become socially isolated , and life satisfaction and happiness decrease.
  The Effects of Workplace Bullying Get Worse Over Time:  
  It is a real priority to take care of yourself effectively. Unfortunately, the impact of workplace bullying gets worse as time passes. Even if you leave this job, victims stay less productive, get sick, and take more time off.

Co-workers who witness workplace bullying experience increased stress also. Being around ongoing conflict and alarm lowers productivity for co-workers, causing sickness and decreased work satisfaction for close witnesses.

Your partner and family members who don’t even work with the bully likewise experience shock and stress. Over time illness and decreased happiness with life are the results for them too.

The way forward is not by further analysis and clearer understanding of your workplace. Moving on from workplace bullying is about addressing your body’s shock response. Your brain’s danger monitoring systems have taken over, and you need input you can really trust to switch them off.
  How Can We Help?  
  Coaching from Beyond Stress works develops your stamina and resilience, empowering you to master workplace bullying.

You don’t have to buy expensive products or meditate for hours. Our Stressology™ methods address workplace bullying by engaging both body and brain. Releasing the tension that’s accumulated in your muscles and tissues is an essential part of recovering your mental and emotional stamina. Stressology™ coaching prompts you to turn the stress of being bullied into stress-releasing habits.

At your discretion, family can be included in some resilience training sessions. This shares the coaching benefits and maximises personal support, at no extra cost.

Our methods fast track the process and individualise it to fit exactly the particular effects that you are facing. Our programme reactivates your ability to relax, to perform well, and even to have fun again.
  Client Feedback:  
  "When my husband started doing your resilience training programme I could see the results right in front of me. His breathing calmed down and he stopped looking so pale. When you said for me to come along to a session I was very interested to learn what to do for myself, and now I do the daily exercises too. I know that they are the reason I am sleeping better, and we are both much more positive than in those awful months before we knew what to do."  
  "My wife was expecting our first baby and I was experiencing serious difficulties at work. I approached Marion with personal issues I did not fully comprehend. The 3 sessions proved revealing and clarifying. I was surprised at the strength of my responses as we worked through her processes. Things within me shifted, and I moved on feeling more whole. Since then I have found satisfying work to support my family."  
  "The changes will be and are great for me and my altered situation. Makes me more open minded."  
  Preventing Workplace Bullying  
  Stressology™ training courses in the workplace help to resolve workplace bullying. When staff understand the sensory basis of stress, and attend to instinctual reactions, new ways of interacting occur, lifting everyone’s performance.

Our movement-based approach provides an understanding of workplace stress as a common opponent, generating a sense of team play that lifts everybody’s game.

Beyond Work Stress’ Coaching Sessions for Groups are a valuable part of regular workplace training programmes, or as a component of special events such as conferences and business planning days.
  "It has been most beneficial and thoroughly enjoyable to work with you. Your explanations are clear and succinct, and provide a lot of practical and valuable information. Your teaching style and warm persona put us very much at ease. I have great trust and confidence in your professional work."  
  Hannah Ritchie, Director, Ame Natural Products Ltd, Wellington  
  Put an end to workplace bullying!
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  • “The tide really turned from the moment we did that work.”
  • “I experienced results right from the first session.”
  • “Even my boss remarked on the increase in my confidence, happiness, and openness to previously stressful situations.”
  • “Since the sessions I’ve been very motivated and happy with my life.”
  • “The sessions were remarkably effective, and I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending the process.”
  • “Before the sessions I was in a spin. Now I have an overwhelming sense of balance and calm.”
  • “Thanks to your sessions I now have control over my future.”
  • “Beyond Stress recognised my situation and addressed it with real competence.”
  • “Working with Beyond Stress made me steady and able to see what I wanted to achieve.”
  • “Working with Beyond Stress gave me real strength and confidence. We resolved the patterns that kept generating my oversensitivity.”
  • “Working with Beyond Stress has been profoundly rewarding.”
  • “Thanks to the sessions I developed a sense of calm and ease.”
  • “The work with Beyond Stress is the reason we are sleeping better, and are enjoying a much more positive lifestyle.”
  Guarantee: We are committed to your satisfaction. If this is not what you expect then we don’t expect payment.  
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